Cinema lives because, no matter how much it mutates you cannot kill it off. Cinema loves with both a tender kiss and cold brutal honesty.

This is a page for my thoughts on certain films. More often than not these will be stereoscopic films because 3D cinema is my current research project and they are what I watch most in the cinema cathedral. There hasn’t been a lot of textual analysis written on stereoscopic effects in the cinema so much of this blog is an attempt to put in writing how the experiential effects of this cinema form function. Some times I will get it right and at other times it will seem desperately clunky. The great thing is that 3D cinema is an expanding area in film studies and critics online are also starting to work out it unique qualities so I’m not alone in this task.

Other new releases will pop up from time to time and there is even space for my true love: Latin American film. If you want to find out more about stereoscopy you are welcome to visit here stereoscopicmedia.org. If you want to find out what I get paid to do you are welcome to have a look at my academic profile.