And now for something completely different: Vertical Cinema

Most of my research involves analysis of 3D cinema and other high budget digital films but a side project that I have been working on with colleague Maddy Glen looks at the very low end of filmmaking on mobile media devices. I am particularly interested in the opportunities mobile media present for turning traditional filmmaking modes on their head. In our recent project, we have been looking at this literally by seeing what happens when you change the conventional horizontal alignment to a vertical presentation.


The technology to do so exists as mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets can both film in a vertical format and can exhibit the content in a vertical manner as well (you may need to lock the setting on the tablet or phone so that it doesn’t flip the content back to horizontal). Nonetheless, there is still a lot of stigma attached to filming in this way as it has mainly occurred in amateur videos with the suggestion that the vertical alignment was used by mistake. With this in mind we created a hybrid film that mixes both horizontal and vertical formats to produce a new Vertical Cinema Manifesto.



The Vertical Cinema Manifesto was created as a direct response to Glove and Boot’s Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA.



While Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA is fantastically made and incredibly funny, it does maintain the notion that vertical filming is an erroneous and unprofessional way of creating content. The comments on YouTube and the response videos reflect this. We are hoping to widen the debate a little and will shortly be making a piece that will be shot and exhibited entirely in vertical

If you are interested in this project you can read more on my other blog Vertical Cinema.

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