Vertical filmmaking

Miriam here

Now that my class Film 480: DIY Filmmaking Versus Studio Giants, is up and running, I think it is only fair that I contribute my own project in tandem with the course.

I recently viewed the online video Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA

While initially the video made me laugh, particularly because I recently did some test shots on my mobile phone and inadvertently shot them vertical without thinking, it also made me think. Why do videos have to be horizontal? There have been many changes to the standard film format over the years from CinemaScope and Cinerama to various widescreen configurations (John Belton’s Widescreen Cinema book extensively details this). Visual arts are produced in both portrait and landscape form. While television screens were traditionally configured as boxes, their contemporary flat screen versions offer an array of possibilities. Why then, does filmmaking have to be horizontal?

In order to explore this problematic, I am going to put together my own, playful, video response to the Vertical Video Syndrome piece. My ideas are still in rough form but I envision a satirical video in the form of a feminist manifesto that calls for an end to the subjugation of women in horizontal filmmaking practice. It will be a radical cry that asks for the end to the horizontal and the new beginning of a vertical filmmaking revolution.
Updates and a storyboard to follow soon